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Smartphone Timesheet App


Free App to Scan & Send Paper Timesheet from Smartphone NEW
Amtemps Staffing uses CamScanner app for scanning paper timesheets using Smartphone.

Links to download the Free App:
CamScanner for iPhone / iPad
CamScanner for Android
CamScanner for Windows Phone 8

Instructions for Sending Scan of PDF Timesheet from Smartphone:
1) Complete your Amtemps Staffing timesheet (download below), sign it, and then have your Client Company Supervisor sign it. 

2) Start the CamScanner app on your Smart Phone

3) Hit the "Capture" button on the screen.

4) Hover your phone over the middle of your Amtemps Staffing Timesheet, making sure all four corners of the timesheet are visible on phone screen, and hit the round shutter icon at the bottom of the screen. (Helpful hint: In a well lighted room, put your timesheet on a dark surface and hold your phone as close to the timesheet as possible with all four corners of Timesheet showing on phone.)

5) If the image looks clear, hit the check mark in the bottom right of the screen.

6) Look at the cropping box to make sure that all four corners are showing, and if so, hit the check mark in the bottom right of the screen.  This will begin the automatic cropping / enhancing process.  When completed, hit the check mark in the bottom right of the screen.

7) The saved timesheet will display on the screen under "New Doc".  At the bottom of the screen, hit the "Share" icon, which will create the PDF file and take you to your phone's email options.  Send it to us at the Timesheet Email Address at the top of the Amtemps Staffing Timesheet.

Timesheets for Download
Amtemps Staffing Timesheet (PDF)
Amtemps Staffing Timesheet (Excel)

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