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Four Ways to Report Timesheet


Four Ways to Report Weekly Timesheet
Timesheets are due by 10:00am on Monday.

(1) Online Web Timesheet (Paperless)
Amtemps Staffing Web Timesheet - Click here

(2) Free Smartphone App to Scan & Send Paper Timesheet from SmartPhone**
Download and print off a Timesheet.  Complete it and get it signed.  Then use this free app (CamScanner) to send us your Timesheet using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone.  (Signed & CAMscanned files only.  Taking a photo of your timesheet and emailing it is not acceptable.)

(3) e-Mail a Signed & 'Scanned to PDF' Timesheet**
Print off a Timesheet, complete it, get it signed, scan it using a scanner that converts it to a PDF file, and email it to us using this link: Link to email your Timesheet
(Signed & scanned PDF files only.  No JPG photo timesheets.  If you only have a SmartPhone and no way to print a timesheet, use the Free SmartPhone App (#2) above.  If you only have a computer and no printer, use the Web Timesheet (#1) above.)

(4) Fax us a Signed Paper Timesheet**
Print off a Timesheet, complete it, get it signed, and Fax it to the Fax # at the top of the timesheet.

** Options (2), (3) & (4) require downloading and printing a Timesheet:
Timesheet (PDF)
Timesheet (Excel)


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