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Unique Qualities

  Unique Quality Here's How it's Unique
Oldest Independent Recruiting & Staffing Service Serving Middle Tennessee for four decades
On-Site Owner / Managers We're locally owned and managed so critical decisions can be made in minutes.
Over 2500 Company Clients Successfully provided recruiting and staffing services to more than 2500 companies in Middle Tennessee.
Staff Longevity / Stability Average of 16 yrs. per Service / Sales / Management staff member yields results
Amtemps Staffing 'Recruiting and Staffing Managers' Your Account Manager - dedicated to knowing & meeting your needs.
Amtemps Staffing 'Business Development Managers' Your Business Development Manager teams with your Account Manager to enhance quality.
On-Site Accounting Department We're here, so your invoicing questions are answered when you call.
Customized Service Approach We recognize and cater our services to your company’s unique needs.
Special Services Drug Screens, Resume Screening / Recruitment Process Outsourcing, etc.
Free Custom Reporting Daily, weekly, monthly… Any information to help you manage staffing.
Staffing Industry’s Leading Software Bond software assures quality, timeliness and success in service.
14 Point Quality Assurance Program Continuous Improvement Program customized for each client company.
Monthly Outstanding Candidate Bulletins Keep you abreast of outstanding candidates available. Ask to be placed on e-mail list.
37 Different Recruiting Sources We over-recruit, and work only the very best applicants.
Success Indicator Ranking Amtemps Staffing proprietary system ranks each employee as to likelihood of assignment success.
Reference Checking It's not THAT we reference check, it's HOW we do it that gets results!
Telephone Reference Checks – not mailed Dedicated staff checks with prior supervisors before first assignment.
Criminal Background Checks 100% of Amtemps Staffing Employees are Criminal Background Checked
Pre-Screening & One-on-one Interviews Applicants don’t “register” with us. They’re screened, tested & checked.
We work only the top 19% of applicants Most applicants don’t meet our standards.
One strike and you’re out – not 3! We don’t give them 3 chances to “no-show” before termination.



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