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Workers Compensation Philosophy &
Substance Abuse Policy


Workers Comp Philosophy
We provide workers compensation insurance for legitimate on the job injuries, however we have extensive experience in fighting fraudulent claims, and will do so with all available resources.  We investigate all on the job accidents.  All employees have a right to report work related injuries and illnesses without any form of retaliation. 

Substance Abuse Policy
It is the purpose of Amtemps, Inc. to help provide a drug free environment for our clients and our employees. With this goal and because of the serious drug abuse problem in today’s workplace, we are establishing the following policy for existing and future employees of Amtemps, Inc.:
Amtemps, Inc. explicitly prohibits: The use, possession, solicitation for or sale of narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication without a prescription on company or customer premises or while performing an assignment. Being impaired or under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol off the company or customer premises that adversely affects the employee’s work performance, his or her own or others’ safety at the workplace, or the employer’s reputation.
Amtemps, Inc. may drug test using S.A.M.H.S.A. standards by four methods:
-- Pre-Employment: As may be required by client.
-- Accident or Injury: A drug test will be required whenever an on- the-job accident or injury occurs or is reported in which there is reasonable suspicion that the employee(s) involved may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
-- Randomly: A random selection of some employees for testing will be done unannounced.
-- For Cause: When it is the company’s belief that a drug problem exists (such as evidence of drugs, accidents, injuries in the workplace, fights or other behavioral symptoms of drug abuse, negative performance, patterns, excessive absenteeism or tardiness) for-cause testing will be utilized.
Employees of Amtemps, Inc. who test positive or admit to substance abuse will be subject to termination. A refusal to take a substance abuse test will be considered a resignation of employment from Amtemps, Inc.
Also employees of Amtemps, Inc. who test positive or admit to substance abuse may be referred to local public agencies that provide rehabilitation and counseling services. The results of all drug testing will be treated confidentially, and for no purpose other than for Amtemps, Inc. to make employment related decisions.


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